Picture 10
Olive Doyle has been friends with Fletcher for a while (as it seems) and meets Chyna along w/ Fletcher the same day. Olive has an identical memory which allows her to permanently remember anything, that is everything, she's seen, heard, or read. Chyna learns on her first day that she needs to be careful about how she acts around the big kids. Especially Lexi , the Queen Bee, who immediately dislikes her because she's young and in the ANT program. She shoves Chyna out of "her" seat, and when the teacher walks into the room, he asks, "Lexi's seat?" He then says it was a bad choice and helps Chyna up.

When Chyna plans the three of them to go to Lexi's party, Olive wears a sparkly red dress with two filled balloons of Blueberry yogurt under the top (as breasts). At the end of the party, they fall down (& our her dress) and explode on Lexi. She says "I know how to get that out.... text ya the deets!" then she grabs Fletcher & runs.